Monday, November 21, 2016

example china has some of the world's greatest developers of building which is also trump's lifetime pursuit - wouldnt it be good to exchange knowledge this year - once he's president there may be public criticisms in talking to this sector

the diference between smart cities and others is huge - and nowhere in recdent years has so much experience in developing cities fit for 21st C than china


  1. while there have been several moocs on smart cities- and the world bank's 2nd most recent research for china was on supercities I dont think there is a high school curriculum of that which would make sense to a teenager wanting to partucipate in building safe communities - in fact i was totally shocked that MEC refused every request by students and michael moore to help peer to peer that

    does anyone know the president of a historically black college who'd really get behind conscious capitalism property development - a sino-usa dialogue -since mit's main digital media lab emerged out of the architecture school. and the busienss school of maryland was funded by the crustal city property developer robert h smith - there are supercity baltimore-dc connections to make now if ever youth is to build bridges with trump as the old man in his castle

    the hub was co-founded by a chinese-brit architect alice fung if i recall directly

  2. i am not sure if i agree with much of the analysis of CityLab but it is interesting to see journalists longitudinally try to make sense of their reporting city by city.