Tuesday, December 18, 2012

another mit100k semi-finalist that i thought particularly interesting http://www.mit100k.org/accelerate/2013_semi_finalists/takachar.php
First, working with local waste pickers, we are devising a unique waste collection model mobilizing the entire slum to turn in their waste, and not just the few who can afford the service. Second, we are exploring the under-appreciated organic waste, turning it into a safe and affordable cooking fuel for local households. This will avoid charcoal production from wood and save trees, while serving wide-ranging social issues such as increasing local income, reducing greenhouse emissions.

The Team

We are a diverse team of MIT and Harvard students as well as Kenyan community mobilizers. We come from backgrounds in engineering, management, public policy, and environmental studies, but we are united in our passion for waste and its processing. Our cumulative past experiences include consulting for Deloitte, doing financial trading, as well as working with the U.S. foreign service. We have worked with MIT's D-Lab and Engineers Without Borders

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